• 5 MG THC
  • 0 MG CBD

An all-time favourite, our Peach gummy is a nostalgic and delicious blend of sweet and tart. Each coin is coated with a slightly sour sugar that brings out the juicy peach flavour in just the right way. With 5mg of the highest-purity THC, this candy will give you a consistent experience every time.

Fresh peach Taste

Most flavours are crafted from what scientists know as ‘gamma lactones’ – the ‘volatile compounds’ that contribute to the smells and tastes we love. If you start with excellent ingredients, you get the desired experience.

Luscious & Fresh 

The secret to a good peach flavour is having excellent starting essence – we always start with quality ingredients and work with tried and true methods. 

Sweet Tartness

Our peach flavours reflect the balance between a crispy tart peach and a sweet, juicy, ripe one. 

Sun-kissed flavours

Peach flavouring can be complex but by starting with fresh ingredients and inputs we create tastes that complement the cannabinoid effects. 

When it comes to flavours, smell and taste is more accurate than any instrument – so use your senses and give us your two cents on your experience!


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