gummies designed
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developed from a legacy blueprint

Handcrafted Edibles

Fritz’s is partial to savoury, sweet, exceptional experiences.
With years of perfecting the concoctions that worked for medical cannabis patients, Fritz’s is bringing our recipes and methods to the legal market to create consistent, flavourful, delicious cannabis products.

Follow us to keep track of the journey as we evolve and bring Fritz’s products to market.

The handcrafted process

Our gummies are handcrafted, cured and tested to create the perfect cannabis edible experience. 

The Story of Taste

The Fritz’s flavour profiles are designed from multiple angles – market research, and years of legacy market experience.

The ingredients

We take our time with the inputs, mixing every batch by hand, bringing confectionery patience to our process.

Flavour, delivered

Once the gummies are cured and coated, they’re packaged, labeled, and shipped off to stores!

The Handcrafted process

Our gummies are made by hand, never by machine. Each batch is hand-cooked by our gummy master before being poured into silicone molds by our pharmaceutical-grade depositing robots.


Once the gummies cool, they’re popped out of the molds, and left to cure—an important step that ensures each gummy reaches the proper humidity and water content.  


Throughout the curing process, the gummies are coated with a sugar-mix that helps to make their flavours really “POP.”  


the tastiest gummies designed from a legacy blueprint

Fritz's started

coming to market

available flavours

The story of taste began in the legacy market. The experience of flavour is now available in the cannabis retail space.


5mg THC & 5mg CBD


5mg THC & 0mg CBD

The ingredients & inputs we use 

At Fritz’s, we only use the highest quality ingredients to ensure we create the best tasting cannabis gummies and cannabis products available.

Unlike many producers who use a fully automated production system,
we believe in taking our time and mixing every batch by hand,
bringing our years of legacy market experience and confectionery patience to our process. And the proof is in the taste! 


Our gummy recipe has been developed, tweaked, and perfected over the last five years and we are truly thrilled to be able to bring it to Canadians everywhere. Our meticulous process and years of experience have allowed us to offer a cannabis gummy with the perfect mix of chewy, sweet, tasty, and effective.


We are committed to always using the highest quality cannabis inputs in our products. Fritz’s will only ever source distillate with a cannabinoid profile above 90% to ensure the purest, best-tasting products available. Our gummies will have no “weed taste” and no aftertaste, to offer the best experience for the customer. 

Gummies that
taste & feel
like gummies

We formulate with the goal of creating the best tasting gummies on the market. Our combination of gelatin with various sugars, including a small amount of sorbitol, allow us to create the most delicious and consistent gummy experience with a pleasing texture and no aftertaste.

By using an un-automated batching process, we patiently create small batches of gummies, so we can focus on quality, instead of high volume production. Stay tuned for more details on products available near you!

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